Sliding Patio Doors offer a large doorway. They have no swinging hinges, and instead operate by sliding upon a rail with Patio door rollers creating an expansive width. Low level thresholds and ramps are available for Patio doors, ideal for wheelchair access. Security options include multi-point locking systems. Most Patio doors are internally glazed to further improve the security of your property.


Extremely Efficient

Our patio doors offer excellent insulation qualities which effectively reduce energy and heating costs. They are extremely low maintenance and provide a cost-effective solution to any home improvement project.


A Lasting Impression

The patio doors make the perfect first impression and will be the envy of the neighbourhood. With an array of styles that can fit in nicely with modern or traditional building styles, there is a design to suit any property no matter the aesthetics and surroundings.


Conducive of Comfortable Living

A sliding door can provide a host of advantages to the quality of life because they act as strong and durable insulators against the elements. Providing a secure and protective solution for any home with multi-point locking systems inbuilt to give you peace of mind.


Adding a Splash of Colour

Our sliding doors come in a wide range of colours which retain colour even through natural wear and tear and the UK’s unpredictable weather. You won’t need to re-paint or re-stain your doors to keep them looking good. With a touch of elegance and class, they enhance the aesthetics of the building they are applied to.